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This Project is Graciously Endorsed by Choralis Camerata

A Remembrance Day Video Update on our Project

Why is From the Diary of Anne Frank Important Today?

5 years ago, Canadian-Jewish Composer Oskar Morawetz's daughter Claudia gave me the music for this piece, "From the Diary of Anne Frank".  I knew I had to record it, but was not ready at the time.

In 2019, Conductor David Braun agreed to mount this music with me for a performance in Niagara ~ it was to be a programmed piece amidst a Choralis Camerata performance, to be presented during Holocaust Education week, and was to be paired with Haydn's Paukenmesse, among other works regarding war and the holocaust.  Since COVID has become a sad reality for many performers, we have shifted gears to bring this work to life by way of a remotely done collaborative performance on Video and on CD.

In order to achieve this, a large collaborative effort has begun, starting with a 'click track' by pianist Brahm Goldhamer.   Orchestral parts have been secured from the Canadian Music Centre, and are already being distributed to musicians.  David and I are working on Tempos and discussing weekly, how our project is unfolding, and what's next.   Also importantly, we are going to be able to give work to musicians who may have not had much opportunity for income, for as long as COVID has been a problem.

COVID 19 has made us become more acutely aware of many human rights and equality issues the world has, and has yet to overcome.   Anne's message is an answer for our world, and her isolation and ability to survive in hiding is a word toward hope.   We want our world to come to a place of rest and peace, of contentment, and stillness.   There has never been a better time to hear and to contemplate this music and these words. 

You can support our initiative by donating generously, with specific areas of the project to choose from.  

Please see below for how you can Donate today.   Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

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Learn How You Can Support our Project

Choosing from the Menu below, you may select to support a Section of the Orchestra ~ perhaps you love Woodwinds the most!

Each of the Orchestral Sections suggests a Donation of $500.00.

And finally, for the colossal amount of technical work that will go into Recording, Video Editing, and Synchronizing, a Donation amount of your choice is suggested here.

A total of $17,000.00 will be needed in order to fulfil this project in a professional manner and with professional musicians.  As the amounts we need are fulfilled, the Donation buttons will disappear!

Support the String Section

There are Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass, and Harp required for this orchestration, comprising 9 artists. They are a vital element of the voice of Anne, and her quivering form as she bemoans the loss of her best friend, and cries, asking why she should not be punished instead.  The cries found in this music are also about what it is like to live in such cramped quarters, never being allowed to leave, in case the whole family is put at risk... with a dire outcome for Anne, in the end.

A Tax Receipt will be provided.

Support the Horn Section

There are 4 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones and a Tuba called for, in the Score.  The horns provide the intense drama of this piece, as we hear them, we can imagine the horror that Anne faced.

A Tax Receipt will be provided.

Support the Woodwind Section

There are 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 Bb Clarinets, and 2 Bassoons in this piece.  In many cases, these instruments are the ones that echo Anne's voice in a plaintiff manner, or hint at what's to come.

A Tax Receipt will be provided.

Support Timpani & Percussion

A full Percussion section and a Timpanist are required for this orchestration.  It's here that we feel Anne's heartbeat, while she shows us the true compassion that seems rare at such a young age...and we also feel its thump when she is terrified by her vision, and the knowledge of what the future could bring to the family, should they be caught.

A Tax Receipt will be provided.