Review: WholeNote Magazine, October 2021 Issue - On the Wings of Song 
Review by Raul da Gama


Review: WholeNote Magazine, Dec/Jan 2019/20 Issue ~ MOSAIC CD
Editor’s Corner Review by David Olds


Review: WholeNote Magazine, March 2019 Issue ~ DAMASK ROSES CD Page 80 
Review by Roger Knox  

Review: Hansel & Gretel 
“In contrasting costumes Kira Braun well sang the roles of two kindly folk spirits – the Sandman, who puts the children to sleep, and the Dew Fairy, who wakes them up in the morning.” 
Stage Door by Christopher Hoile 

“Eastern Breezes, Western Winds” CD Launch 
...”all very nicely presented by Kira, who has a pleasant light, bright soprano, with Peter accompanying and playing the piano solos.” 
Opera Ramblings by John Gilks 

“The Echoing Air” 
"I love everything, but in particular the Widmung, Mondnacht and the Purcell. Your voice was made for this music. You sang that murderous ornament in the slow section of Widmung with such precision and musicality. That is just SO difficult to achieve. And BRAVA on the ornamentation in the Purcell. Bravo to Peter, too, and the trumpet player. Lovely ensemble. It is not difficult to write these words because every one is true. I love the repertoire you chose. It is just perfect for your voice. Not all singers get the repertoire right, but you did, and the result is just outstanding. You deserve to know that you have done an excellent job." 
Deborah Jeans, Soprano 
[How delightful to receive these comments from someone I admire so much! Deborah sang Nedda in I Pagliacci with the COC when I was in the Chorus.  And now, to be reconnected and to have her as a mentor, means the world to me.] 

"Of Love and Nature" 
"Very Impressive... I particularly love your unaffected approach to the Faure. 
Peter also performs with such understated elegance. 
What huge strides you have made in developing a lovely engaged vocal production....BRAVO Kira!" 
Robert Cooper, CM 

"May I please express my deep admiration for what you've undertaken and achieved in terms of your voice and your career as a singer in these last couple of years? It's pretty astonishing. Brava." 
George Masswohl, Bravura Baritones, & "Come From Away" 
[Thank you George!] 

"Exult, Rejoice" 
"Your CD took me by surprise. Absolutely beautiful. Listened to it a 3rd time over a drive to TO recently. 
Where have you been?? 
You can proudly and without hesitation offer this CD for any validation as an audition experience." 
David Braun, Conductor, Choralis Camerata 

[No, David is not related!] 

"Gretchen am Spinnrade" (Exult, Rejoice CD) 
"I listened to the Schubert CD on the way home. 
It is splendid!!! You should be SO proud of it. 
You bring a rare vulnerability to these songs that comes from deep inside you. The tenderness and emotional turbulence of Gretchen comes shining through. 
I congratulate you." 
Brahm Goldhamer, Vocal Coach & Pianist