Andre Previn’s Four Songs and Vocalise for Soprano, Cello and Piano, with artists Linda Ippolito, Piano, and Kirk Starkey, Cello.  Kirk plays the cello formerly owned by my Stepfather, Guttorn Otto ~ a 275 year old Bohemian instrument.  Look for the Video of Vocalise, shot on the shores of the southernmost tip of the Mani Peninsula in Greece, on an ancient Roman Mosaic.  

Damask Roses

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2018: Pianist Peter Krochak and Soprano Kira Braun are delighted to announce the release of their newest CD, entitled Damask Roses. This exciting CD captures the tumultuous joy and delicate passion of a young girl's heart, with a selection of Mozart Lieder, Dvořák's 7 Gypsy Songs, and 5 pieces by Roger Quilter. Download your copy from iTunes today, or contact Kira for a copy of the CD.

Eastern Breezes, Western Winds

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A selection of Art Songs for Soprano and Piano with a noticeable theme surrounding the wind, and the dreamy missives that describe it, this album is light hearted and easy listening for the Classical enthusiast.

Of Love and Nature

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A selection of Art Songs best suited to Kira Braun's sparkling soprano voice, accompanied by Peter Krochak on piano, and featuring Carlos Meléndez on Clarinet in Schubert's "Shepherd on the Rock".

The Echoing Air

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This grouping of Classical Art Songs for High Soprano & Piano takes us from 16th Century Baroque by Purcell through to mid 19th Century Lieder by Robert Schumann, and Italian Art Song by Bellini, to 20th Century melodies by Poulenc.